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tax advantage

tax advantage
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an advantage bestowed by legislation that reduces a tax on some preferred activity




    1. Tom took advantage of a tax loophole.
    2. Tax advantage.
    3. Tax advantage (please specify):
    4. Tax advantage. Please specify:
    5. Tax advantage (e.g. tax allowance, tax base reduction, tax rate reduction, tax deferment).
    6. Tax advantage (e.g. tax allowance, tax base reduction, tax rate reduction, tax deferment). Please specify: …
    7. The advantage over the beneficiary's competitors resided in the fact that the tax office had not enforced its tax claims.
    8. The tax exemption does not constitute an advantage for the Swedish manufacturing industry
    9. Reducing tax rates for emulsions gives an advantage to only a limited number of emulsions producers.
    10. By conferring that advantage, France is foregoing tax revenues and its resources are consequently diminished.
    11. The tax advantage would only take effect in the event of a realised capital gain.
    12. The advantage that a cooperative might enjoy as a result of the tax advantage in respect of company tax is offset by the double taxation imposed by taxing the cooperative in respect of company tax and then cooperative members in respect of personal income tax and the increase in their tax burden in this way.
    13. Moreover, since the tax advantage previously possible would have materialised only in the future, the measure has not granted any tax advantage during the period in which the amended rules have been in force.
    14. The non-payment by EDF, in 1997, of EUR 888,89 million in tax therefore constitutes an advantage for the group.
    15. It follows from this that, during that period, FT gained no advantage from the business tax exemption.