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temporal order

temporal order
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • arrangement of events in time





    1. A harmonised approach with respect to the temporal coverage of the HICPs is necessary in order to ensure that the resulting HICPs meet the requirements as to comparability, reliability, and relevance according to the third subparagraph of Article 4 and pursuant to Article 5(3) of Regulation (EC) No 2494/95.
    2. The definition of a set of metadata elements is necessary in order to allow identification of the information resource for which metadata is created, its classification and identification of its geographic location and temporal reference, quality and validity, conformity with implementing rules on the interoperability of spatial data sets and services, constraints related to access and use, and organisation responsible for the resource.
    3. A distinction must be made between the general assessment criteria set out in the Alumix decision and the application of those criteria to a material case. The general criteria of the Alumix decision hold that, in the absence of alternative market outlets and in order to avoid aggravating a situation of overcapacity, a rational electricity supplier will sell electricity to its best customers at a price covering its marginal costs of production, plus a small contribution to fixed costs. These general criteria remain valid irrespective of the temporal scope of the decision in which they were laid down, and the Commission has no intention of questioning them here. [96] See footnote 40.