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temporary state

temporary state
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a state that continues for a limited time




    1. They organized a temporary state government.
    2. temporary work files opened or managed by the national member of their Member State;
    3. on State aid C 26/2006 (ex N 110/2006), temporary defensive mechanism to shipbuilding — Portugal
    4. If not applicable, name of hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s) in the Member State(s)
    5. on State aid C 32/07 (ex N 389/06) temporary Defensive Mechanism to Shipbuilding — Portugal
    6. Supervision by the Member State where the service is provided in the event of the temporary movement of the provider
    7. It follows that a shortage of funds will be covered, if necessary by the State, or is temporary only.
    8. third-country nationals staying in a Member State as applicants for international protection or under temporary protection schemes;
    9. A temporary derogation from the general rule determining the Member State where the risk is situated should be made available.
    10. Any decision adversely affecting a member of temporary staff shall state the grounds on which it is based.
    11. Supervision by the Member State of establishment in the event of the temporary movement of a provider to another Member State
    12. Institutions or bodies of the European Communities shall not supply the temporary committee of inquiry with documents originating in a Member State without first informing the State concerned.
    13. The Member State concerned may state whether it wishes the Commission to refrain from the temporary restoration of such visa requirement without a prior report;
    14. the temporary use of the goods, for a period not exceeding twenty-four months, within the territory of another Member State, in which the importation of the same goods from a third country with a view to their temporary use would be covered by the arrangements for temporary importation with full exemption from import duties.
    15. There should be a suitable procedure for adopting temporary measures if the application of any provision of this Directive were to encounter major difficulties in a Member State.