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threshold level

threshold level
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the intensity level that is just barely perceptible



    1. The salary threshold determines a minimum level while Member States may define a higher salary threshold.
    2. That threshold shall be established at national level, depending on the type of financial activity.
    3. In addition, neither party proposed a different CEV level as a more appropriate threshold.
    4. Therefore the current level of lead should be reduced to the lowest achievable threshold.
    5. Any amount exceeding that threshold at the level of the beneficiary winegrowers and winegrowing enterprises constitutes aid in its entirety.
    6. The Commission notes that the 40 % level, although significant, remains below the threshold of 50 % normally required by the Guidelines.
    7. A ‘should-check’ is a correctness check for which a threshold of 3 % for the tolerance level is applied.
    8. A ‘must-check’ is a correctness check which must be passed without exceeding the threshold for the tolerance level.
    9. For PBDEs as substances, in preparations or in articles, this Regulation should establish a threshold corresponding to a similar level.
    10. For PFOS as substances or in preparations, this Regulation should establish a threshold corresponding to a similar level.
    11. Substances that produce cell viabilities above the defined threshold level, will not be classified (i.e. > 50 %, no category).
    12. NCBs shall decide whether the 5 % threshold shall apply at the level of each credit institution or at that of all credit institutions at national level.
    13. Given the low level of part production in the Community, this added value would most likely not surpass the 25 % threshold, in the event that the proportion of Chinese parts were to exceed the 60 % threshold.
    14. If, in practice, profit is found to exceed this threshold, the Netherlands must retroactively adjust the aid level and, in accordance with Article 88(3) of the Treaty, notify any aid that allows AVR Nuts to exceed the threshold.
    15. As regards the CEV threshold, it defines the level at which a product can be welded and the threshold is set at 0,86 in order to separate products which can easily be welded from those which can not.