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thus far

thus far
    • used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time



    1. Does anyone have any questions thus far?
    2. I owe it entirely to him that I have thus far succeeded.
    3. I owe it entirely to you that I have succeeded thus far.
    4. Thus, sales by the Community industry increased far less than the demand during the period considered.
    5. Thus Germany submits that the landing fees charged to DHL at Leipzig airport are far from preferential.
    6. Thus far, the only classes of polymers to be created for this type of nomenclature are Polyesters, Polyacrylates and Polyurethanes.
    7. They have so far prevented supervisory intervention, e.g. temporary closure, and the probable insolvency of substantial subsidiaries in the group and are thus likely to distort competition.
    8. The Member States shall undertake to accept and recognise the prerogatives thus granted in so far as they are in conformity with international commitments.
    9. Thus, their data give some indication, although it is by far not certain that they are fully representative for the whole user industry.
    10. Employers have thus far been reluctant to resort to dismissals as they fear not being able to find qualified personnel once the economy recovers.
    11. Thus far job losses have mostly affected low-skilled workers from the construction and retail sectors but other groups are also being increasingly affected.
    12. This prohibition thus produces its effects except in so far as the renewal of the authorisations is necessary to comply with the judgment as to substance.
    13. Apart from a small member of the Consortium, Active Bank Ltd with activities in Ukraine only, no banking activities had been carried on within the group thus far.
    14. Thus far in the restructuring the company has reduced its costs by CYP 19,5 million and has shed more staff than were foreseen by the restructuring plan.
    15. Special actions may also include the awarding of prizes, in so far as they highlight artists, works or cultural or artistic achievements, make them known beyond national borders and thus encourage mobility and exchanges.