Betekenis van:
tilting board

tilting board
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • op- en neer wippend speeltoestel; op- en neer wippend speeltoestel
  • a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum; the board is ridden up and down by children at either end




  1. "Tilting spindle" (2) means a tool-holding spindle which alters, during the machining process, the angular position of its centre line with respect to any other axis. "Time constant" (6) is the time taken from the application of a light stimulus for the current increment to reach a value of 1-1/e times the final value (i.e. 63 % of the final value). "Total control of flight" (7) means an automated control of "aircraft" state variables and flight path to meet mission objectives responding to real time changes in data regarding objectives, hazards or other "aircraft". "Total digital transfer rate" (5) means the number of bits, including line coding, overhead and so forth per unit time passing between corresponding equipment in a digital transmission system. N.B.:See also "digital transfer rate". "Tow" (1) is a bundle of "monofilaments", usually approximately parallel. "Toxins" (1 2) means toxins in the form of deliberately isolated preparations or mixtures, no matter how produced, other than toxins present as contaminants of other materials such as pathological specimens, crops, foodstuffs or seed stocks of "microorganisms". "Transfer laser" (6) means a "laser" in which the lasing species is excited through the transfer of energy by collision of a non-lasing atom or molecule with a lasing atom or molecule species. "Tunable" (6) means the ability of a "laser" to produce a continuous output at all wavelengths over a range of several "laser" transitions. A line selectable "laser" produces discrete wavelengths within one "laser" transition and is not considered "tunable". "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" ("UAV") (9) means any aircraft capable of initiating flight and sustaining controlled flight and navigation without any human presence on board.