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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a unit of pressure equal to 0.001316 atmosphere; named after Torricelli




    1. 1 Torr
    2. 1 Torr =
    3. Dougl. ex Torr.&Gray, Magnolia spp.
    4. sec, trocken, secco, asciutto, dry, tør, ξηρός, seco, torr, kuiva, sausas, kuiv, sausais, száraz, półwytrawne, polsuho, suché, сухо
    5. Dougl. ex Torr.&Gray, Magnolia spp. L., Michelia doltsopa Buch.-Ham. ex DC, Nothofagus obliqua (Mirbel) Blume, Osmanthus heterophyllus (G. Don) P. S. Green, Parrotia persica (DC) C.A.
    6. “sec”, “trocken”, “secco” or “asciutto”, “dry”, “tør”, “ξηρός”, “seco”, “torr”, “kuiva”, “sausas”, “kuiv”, “sausais”, “száraz”, “półwytrawne”, “polsuho”, “suché” or “сухо”: if its sugar content is between 17 and 35 grams per litre,
    7. Bring the pressure up to 100 Torr (13,3 kPa) and leave to dry to constant weight (approximately 4 hours) at this pressure in a current of hot dry air.
    8. wood ofLibocedrus decurrens Torr. where there is evidence that the wood has been processed or manufactured for pencils using heat treatment to achieve a minimum temperature of 82 °C for a seven to eight-day period,
    9. Bring the pressure up to 100 Torr and leave to dry for four hours at this pressure, either in a current of hot, dry air or using a drying agent (about 300 g for 20 samples).