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track record

track record
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the fastest time ever recorded for a specific distance at a particular racetrack
    "the track record for the mile and a half at Belmont is 2 minutes 24 seconds held by Secretariat since 1973"


    track record
    Zelfstandig naamwoord
      • the sum of recognized accomplishments
      "the track record shows that he will be a good president"




      1. What's his track record like?
      2. 2002 vessel track record [1]
      3. 2002 vessel track record [2]
      4. 2002 vessel track record [13]
      5. 2001, 2002 and 2003 vessel track record [1]
      6. Demonstrate enforcement of prudential requirements by establishing a track record.
      7. Establish a track record in the fight against corruption.
      8. The hazard record shall track the progress in monitoring risks associated with the identified hazards.
      9. the institution's model has a proven track record of reasonable accuracy in measuring risks;
      10. Establish a sustained track record on implementation of anti-corruption legislation.
      11. 1/The France Télécom group is a coherent industrial entity with a remarkable track record.
      12. ONE has with its main brand so far no track record for aggressive pricing.
      13. For such companies the information shall be adapted to their size and, where appropriate, to their shorter track record;’;
      14. provide a satisfactory track record of investigation, prosecution and judicial treatment of cases of piracy and counterfeiting.
      15. Where proxies for risk factors are used they shall show a good track record for the actual position held.