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transfer payment

transfer payment
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a public expenditure (as for unemployment compensation or veteran's benefits) that is not for goods and services



    1. We will make the payment by bank transfer.
    2. Could I please receive by monday, by FAX or email's attachment, a proof of the bank transfer for the payment.
    3. Payment via bank transfer must be made within 24 hours.
    4. You can make your payment via an online bank transfer.
    5. Amount of transfer payment
    6. Transfer of payment entitlements
    7. International payment transfer services
    8. Payment and money transfer services.
    9. Payment and money transfer services
    10. Transfer of responsibility for payment orders
    11. Transfer from wine support programmes into the single payment scheme
    12. Transfer of responsibility for the execution of a payment order
    13. ‘No definitive transfer of payment entitlements shall be possible before the definitive establishment of payment entitlements.
    14. Rules on the transfer and use of payment entitlements should be laid down to prevent speculative transfer and accumulation of payment entitlements without a corresponding agricultural basis.
    15. Payment reference to be used at the transfer of the money: