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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • (law) someone who conveys a title or property to another



    1. Total amount per transferor
    2. Per transferor per year
    3.  … per transferor and year (maximum annual amount of EUR 18000/transferor and maximum total amount of EUR 180000/transferor)
    4. This is because the transferor has transferred substantially all the risks and rewards of ownership.
    5. The transferee derecognises the cash or other consideration paid and recognises a receivable from the transferor.
    6. The transferor and transferee shall account for the collateral as follows:
    7. Please specify what is the maximum amount of aid to be granted per transferor:
    8. Will the aid be exclusively granted when the transferor of the farm,
    9. Does the transferor receive a normal retirement pension paid by the Member State?
    10. Under these circumstances the transferor has retained control of the transferred asset.
    11. Together with the request for transfer, the transferor shall notify the issuing body of the approval number of the transferee.
    12. detailed description of conditions concerning transferor, transferee, worker and land released, in particular the use of land to be retained by the transferor for non-commercial purposes and the length of time allowed to improve viability,
    13. Where a farm is transferred by several transferors, overall support shall be limited to the amount provided for one transferor.
    14. Milk quotas allocated to a transferor shall be returned to the national milk quota reserve with no additional compensation payment.
    15. The non-commercial farming activity of the transferor should not be eligible for support under the Common Agricultural Policy.