Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a sterile liquid containing a purified protein derivative of the tuberculosis bacterium; used in the diagnosis of tuberculosis



    1. The tuberculin reaction was negative.
    2. The tuberculin reaction was positive.
    3. He had a tuberculin test.
    4. The tuberculin reaction was pseudopositive.
    5. tuberculin test:
    6. Carrying out tuberculin tests:
    7. the costs of tuberculin testing;
    8. for a tuberculin test EUR 2 per test;
    9. for a tuberculin test EUR 0,8 per test;
    10. for a tuberculin test EUR 1 per test;
    11. the purchase of tuberculin and all consumables identifiable and used especially for carrying out the tuberculin test;
    12. for a tuberculin test EUR 0,8 per test;
    13. the costs of carrying out tuberculin and laboratory tests;
    14. or [have been subjected to an intradermal tuberculin test within the past 30 days with negative results, and]
    15. two intradermal tuberculin test according to annex B of Directive 64/432/EC using bovine and avian tuberculin performed within two days after arrival and after at least 42 days from the first test.