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union flag

union flag
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • national flag of the United Kingdom




    1. The twelve stars on the flag of the European Union do not symbolize the twelve founding members of the union. They symbolize the Twelve Apostles.
    2. flying the flag of the European Union for one week starting 9 May, in front of the premises of each managing authority;
    3. the words ‘EU aid’, accompanied by the European Union flag following the instructions given in Annex II, shall be clearly visible on the packaging of goods which are not delivered in bulk to the beneficiaries;
    4. With regard to the management of ships on behalf of third parties, the Union Royale emphasises that the proposed scheme requires that at least 75 % of the ships managed fly the Belgian flag.
    5. The Union Royale first of all emphasises that the low rate applicable to the tranche above 40000 tonnes is designed to bring ships above this tonnage back under a Community flag, recalling that these ships represent only 4,5 % of the world fleet (1257 units of a total number of 28155 units worldwide) but account for 34,17 % of worldwide carrying capacity (253430610 of a total of 741600000 tonnes deadweight).