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Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • producing little or no profit or gain
    "deposits abandoned by mining companies as unprofitable"


    1. closure of unprofitable MobilCom shops: EUR […]* million,
    2. The unprofitable UMTS business was to be completely discontinued.
    3. Not taxing unprofitable companies is not State aid
    4. closure of unprofitable MobilCom shops: EUR […]* million, job cuts in service provider sector: EUR […]* million,
    5. The updated IBP apparently imposed an obligation on TB to discontinue production of unprofitable high alloy seamless and welded tubes.
    6. Consequently, the argument that the Community industry was already unprofitable before any injurious dumping took place has to be rejected.
    7. This product was unprofitable throughout the analysis period, although the gap between cost of production and sales price remained relatively stable over the period.
    8. It therefore considers that the threshold at which Fintecna's investment would become unprofitable is at a level such that it renders this risk highly improbable.
    9. The requirements imposed on Intermed in the agreement regarding regularity, continuity, capacity and the fares for the service make the flights unprofitable for any company at all.
    10. the requirement to make a profit before incurring any payroll and property tax liability would confer an advantage on unprofitable companies;
    11. Moreover, according to the complainant, the IFP/Axens entity is in a position to carry on R & D activities which would be unprofitable for non-subsidised operators.
    12. Due to the low sales prices, the Community industry was not able to cover the costs of production and was therefore unprofitable.
    13. The Netherlands pointed out that aid to domestic green electricity producers was authorised on condition that it did not exceed the unprofitable extra cost of producing such electricity.
    14. the fact that companies are liable to taxes only if they make profits would confer an advantage on unprofitable companies compared with profitable ones,
    15. While the Community industry was almost at break-even level in 2000, the situation deteriorated and sales were highly unprofitable during the IP (more than – 10 %).