Betekenis van:

    • upward on a hill or incline
    "this street lay uphill"
      • against difficulties
      "she was talking uphill"
      Zelfstandig naamwoord
        • the upward slope of a hill


        Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
          • sloping upward



          1. Our car pulled uphill.
          2. This is an uphill road.
          3. It was an uphill struggle.
          4. The road is uphill all the way.
          5. Greenpeace is fighting an uphill battle to save the environment.
          6. When I was your age, we had to walk uphill to school, both ways.
          7. There's a grueling uphill stretch of road at mile 23 of the marathon.
          8. After an uphill struggle against great odds they finally got the company on its feet again.
          9. Further, electricity produced in pumped storage units from water that has previously been pumped uphill should not be considered to be electricity produced from renewable energy sources.
          10. When the vehicles are stationary no uncontrolled movement of the CCD may occur under any circumstances including long term uphill parking.
          11. Parking the vehicle and leaving a parking space (parallel, oblique or right-angle, forwards or in reverse, on the flat, uphill or downhill);
          12. the quantity of electricity actually generated in year i by all hydropower plants of the Member State measured in GWh, excluding production from pumped storage units using water that has previously been pumped uphill;
          13. For the purposes of paragraph 1(a), gross final consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources shall be calculated as the quantity of electricity produced in a Member State from renewable energy sources, excluding the production of electricity in pumped storage units from water that has previously been pumped uphill.