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upper class

upper class
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy





    1. Mr Brown belongs to the upper class.
    2. Mary comes from the upper middle-class.
    3. He belongs to the upper class.
    4. The people living here belong to the upper class.
    5. The prime minister's businesslike approach to welfare reform earned him accolades among the upper class.
    6. The notion of upper-class and lower-class among humans in this world is a topic likely to be found in a woman's essay. Anyone who thinks that falls in the lower-class category of humans.
    7. Escape hatches, additional to the emergency doors and windows, shall be fitted in the roof of the upper deck of Class II and Class III vehicles.
    8. In Spain and Portugal the upper external temperature limit is + 50 instead of + 45 given by temperature class Ts in section
    9. two, or at least one and-one-half, staircases are to be provided in Class III vehicles if more than 30 passengers are carried on the upper deck.
    10. The height of the upper rectangular panel shall be for the relevant class of vehicle and category as prescribed in the table below.
    11. Electronic instruments, except those in class I and in class II if e is less than 1 g, shall meet the metrological requirements under conditions of high relative humidity at the upper limit of their temperature range.
    12. two, or at least one and-one-half staircases, shall be provided in Class I and Class II vehicles if more than 50 passengers are carried on the upper deck;
    13. In the case of vehicles of Class I, this requirement also applies to the interior of all service doors and to the immediate vicinity of each intercommunication staircase on the upper deck.
    14. Escape hatches, additional to the emergency doors and windows, shall be fitted in vehicles of Class II, III and B (in the upper deck roof in the case of double-deck vehicles). They may also be fitted in the case of Class I and A vehicles.
    15. If the vehicle is of Class I, II or A the number of seating places on each deck shall be at least equal to the number of square metres of floor on that deck available for passengers and crew (if any) rounded down to the nearest whole number; this number may, in vehicles of Class I, excluding the upper deck, be reduced by 10 %.