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venture capitalist

venture capitalist
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a speculator who makes money available for innovative projects (especially in high technology)



    1. Investbx does not receive any remuneration based on the future valuation of an SME as would a venture capitalist.
    2. Moreover, they provided statements of a venture capitalist that many SMEs with viable business plans are rejected by venture capital funds that could be suitable for Investbx.
    3. A regionally based Venture Capitalist suggested that of the 500 to 750 propositions received by them in a year, less than 1 % receives funding.
    4. Investbx may exceptionally consider SMEs that do not have a two-year trading record if the SME has received investment from a venture capitalist whilst developing its products or services.
    5. Of over 300000 SMEs in the West Midlands it is claimed that only 57 are traded on the AIM, 10 on Ofex and between 5 and 10 are helped each year by each major venture capitalist.
    6. “exit strategy” means a strategy for the liquidation of holdings by a venture capital or private equity fund according to a plan to achieve maximum return, including trade sale, write-offs, repayment of preference shares/loans, sale to another venture capitalist, sale to a financial institution and sale by public offering (including Initial Public Offerings);