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vertical integration

vertical integration
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in all aspects of a product's manufacture from raw materials to distribution




    1. The nature and extent of the vertical integration of the applicant compared with the largest competitors;
    2. The investment project involves a reduction in the degree of vertical integration at the shipyard.
    3. Consequently, Sioen's capacity increase is motivated by its vertical integration and the production will be used entirely within the group.
    4. As regards cobalt, contrary to the nickel industry, vertical integration is not the prevailing business model in the cobalt industry, with significant trading of cobalt intermediates.
    5. The assessment of the current structure of the nickel industry has shown that the vertical integration of mining, processing and refining facilities was the predominant business model.
    6. It should be noted that the television market in Italy is characterised by strong vertical integration between network operators and broadcasters.
    7. It is the Commission's belief that, given the particular situation of strong vertical integration of the Italian TV market, the risks referred to by the parties are not very great, at least for certain operators.
    8. Lastly, it is true that the lack of an established supplier network can lead to a higher degree of vertical integration and therefore to the need for higher investments.
    9. The plan explained that Ulstein currently subcontracted the production of hulls but intended to control the earlier stages of production too and thus, by acquiring capacity in Szczecin, achieve vertical integration of the production process.
    10. Any coordination is also less likely due to the fact that the shareholders of EMO-EKOM would still be rather heterogeneous as regards their scope of activities and vertical integration.
    11. This vertical integration will allow more accurate demand forecasting at Huta Częstochowa and will also be beneficial for Gdańsk Shipyard, which will have guaranteed regular supplies, including even some prefabricates produced at Huta Częstochowa for shipbuilding.
    12. The advantages derived from the vertical integration in Bertelsmann’s media group (e.g. through the Pop Idol format which, according to industry experts has already passed its peak) are already incorporated in BMG’s market shares for 2003.
    13. For these assets, which are usually bought internationally, large differences in investment costs (EUR 165381681 at Cutro as against EUR 75624552 in the alternative) can be explained only by the fact that the project at Cutro foresees higher levels of automation and higher vertical integration.
    14. The Commission’s market investigation has also identified competition concerns on various electricity markets, resulting from the vertical integration of MOL WMT’s activities in the upstream market of gas supply to large power plants with E.ON’s activities in the downstream markets of electricity generation/wholesale and electricity retail.
    15. Lastly, it is true that the lack of an established supplier network can lead to a higher degree of vertical integration and therefore to the need for higher investments. However, any additional investment justified on these grounds should be directly linked to the lack of existing or prospective suppliers for specific operations.