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via media

via media
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • bemiddelingsvoorstel
  • a middle way between two extremes




  1. Publication of RAPEX data via the internet or electronic and paper media
  2. elaboration and publication of guides, reports and educational material via the Internet or other media.
  3. Such information can be distributed via the internet, on paper and by electronic media, etc.
  4. The Commission shall publish and disseminate via the MEDIA Desks any relevant statistics and analyses.
  5. National authorities regularly alert consumers and businesses about consumer products notified through RAPEX via their websites and/or other media.
  6. Impact — A marking technology characterised by the formation of the desired hard-copy image by transferring colorant from a ‘ribbon’ to the media via an impact process.
  7. From this perspective, sectoral aid to television via DVB-T has the potential to distort competition in a number of other media sectors.
  8. Vivendi is the parent company of a French group engaged in the media and telecommunications sectors. The Vivendi group is chiefly engaged in the pay-TV (via the Canal+ group), cinema, music, interactive games and telecommunications sectors.
  9. supporting the implementation of the common data collection Eurostat-OECD-WHO of the System of Health Accounts (SHA), e.g. via inventory of sources and calculation methods by using the road map, training, development of data collection for sectors not yet covered by the SHA in some countries (for example the private health sector), development of media for data extraction from various administrative sources, etc.
  10. Moreover, Media argues that contrary to what is stated in the decision to initiate the procedure, there is no protection against the entry on to the market of new competitors via the acquisition of broadcasting infrastructure (Mediaset quotes the example of H3G which entered the market by acquiring a local broadcaster) and that new entrants do not have to bear the cost of simulcast.
  11. This includes main computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, information storage and management, and an understanding of the opportunities and potential risks of the Internet and communication via electronic media (e-mail, network tools) for work, leisure, information sharing and collaborative networking, learning and research.
  12. National authorities regularly alert consumers and businesses about consumer products notified through RAPEX via their websites and/or other media. Information published in this way allows consumers to check whether they have and use dangerous products and often provides the authority with useful feedback.
  13. In Italy there are four TV broadcasting platforms: (i) satellite, on which the main free-to-air channels are available plus Sky Italia's channels, whose programmes can be accessed via subscription or pay-per-view agreements; (ii) terrestrial hertzian TV, on which 6 national broadcasters operated in December 2005 i.e. RAI (free-to-air), Mediaset (free-to-air and pay-per-view), Telecom Italia Media/La 7 (free-to-air and pay-per-view), Holland Coordinator & Service Company Italia (HCSC) which owns Prima TV/DFree, Gruppo l'Espresso and Television Broadcasting Systems (free-to-air).