Betekenis van:
wall st.

wall st.
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located; symbol of American finance




    1. Sack, multi-wall MS Sea-chest SE Set SX Sheet ST
    2. Intermediate bulk container, woven plastic, without coat/liner WN Jar JR Jerry-can, cylindrical JY Jerry-can, plastic 3H Jerry-can, plastic, non-removable head QM Jerry-can, plastic, removable head QN Jerry-can, rectangular JC Jerry-can, steel 3A Jerry-can, steel, non-removable head QK Jerry-can, steel, removable head QL Jug JG Jute bag JT Keg KG Lift van LV Log LG Logs, in bundle/bunch/truss LZ Lot LT Mat MT Matchbox MX Mutually defined ZZ Nest NS Net NT Net, tube, plastic NU Net, tube, textile NV Not available NA Package PK Package, cardboard, with bottle grip-holes IK Package, display, cardboard IB Package, display, metal ID Package, display, plastic IC Package, display, wooden IA Package, flow IF Package, paper-wrapped IG Package, show IE Packet PA Pail PL Pallet PX Pallet, 100 cm × 110 cm AH Pallet, box PB Pallet, modular, collars 80 cm × 100 cm PD Pallet, modular, collars 80 cm × 120 cm PE Pallet, modular, collars 80 cm × 60 cm AF Pallet, shrink-wrapped AG Parcel PC Pen PF Pipe PI Pipes, in bundle/bunch/truss PV Pitcher PH Plank PN Planks, in bundle/bunch/truss PZ Plate PG Plates, in bundle/bunch/truss PY Pot PT Pouch PO Punnet PJ Rack RK Rack, clothing hanger RJ Receptacle, fibre AB Receptacle, glass GR Receptacle, metal MR Receptacle, paper AC Receptacle, plastic PR Receptacle, plastic-wrapped MW Receptacle, wooden AD Rednet RT Reel RL Ring RG Rod RD Rods, in bundle/bunch/truss RZ Roll RO Sachet SH Sack SA Sack, multi-wall MS Sea-chest SE Set SX Sheet ST Sheet, plastic wrapping SP Sheet metal SM Sheets, in bundle/bunch/truss SZ Shrink-wrapped SW Skid SI Slab SB Sleeve SY Slip-sheet SL Spindle SD Spool SO Suitcase SU Tank, cylindrical TY Tank, rectangular TK Tea-chest TC Tierce TI Tin TN Tray PU Tray, one layer no cover, cardboard DV Tray, one layer no cover, plastic DS Tray, one layer no cover, polystyrene DU Tray, one layer no cover, wooden DT Tray, two layers no cover, cardboard DY