Betekenis van:
word processing

word processing
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • het (elektronisch) verwerken van tekst
  • rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing



  1. Word-processing software package
  2. Word-processing services
  3. Typewriters and word-processing machines
  4. Word-processing software development services
  5. Typing, word-processing and desktop publishing services
  6. Automatic typewriters and word-processing machines:
  7. Typewriters other than printers of heading 8471; word-processing machines
  8. Typewriters other than printers of heading 8443; word-processing machines
  9. Printers, for office machines (for example automatic data processing machines, word-processing machines, etc.)
  10. This includes main computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, information storage and management, and an understanding of the opportunities and potential risks of the Internet and communication via electronic media (e-mail, network tools) for work, leisure, information sharing and collaborative networking, learning and research.
  11. "Digital computers" having a "composite theoretical performance" ("CTP") exceeding 28000 million theoretical operations per second (Mtops ); or 2. "Electronic assemblies" specially designed or modified for enhancing performance by aggregation of "computing elements" ("CEs") so that the "CTP" of the aggregation exceeds the limit in 4E001.b.1. Technical note on "Composite Theoretical Performance" ("CTP") Abbreviations used in this Technical Note "CE" "computing element" (typically an arithmetic logical unit) FP floating point XP fixed point t execution time XOR exclusive OR CPU central processing unit TP theoretical performance (of a single "CE") "CTP" "composite theoretical performance" (multiple "CEs") R effective calculating rate WL word length L word length adjustment * multiply Execution time 't' is expressed in microseconds, TP and "CTP" are expressed in millions of theoretical operations per second (Mtops) and WL is expressed in bits. Outline of "CTP" calculation method "CTP" is a measure of computational performance given in Mtops. In calculating the "CTP" of an aggregation of "CEs" the following three steps are required: 1. Calculate the effective calculating rate R for each "CE"; 2. Apply the word length adjustment (L) to the effective calculating rate (R), resulting in a Theoretical Performance (TP) for each "CE"; 3. If there is more than one "CE", combine the TPs, resulting in a "CTP" for the aggregation. Details for these steps are given in the following sections.