Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • werkstation, station
  • a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer



  1. Workstation Levels
  2. PTEC (Workstation product category)
  3. Be marketed as a workstation;
  4. Workstation meets the ENERGY STAR requirements.
  5. Desktop, Integrated Desktop, Notebook, Workstation, Small-Scale Server
  6. appropriate maintenance programmes for work equipment, workplaces and workstation systems;
  7. To qualify as a workstation, a computer must:
  8. Measurement of the maximum AC power consumption of a workstation should be conducted as follows:
  9. Workstations: Below is a sample PTEC calculation for a Workstation with two hard drives.
  10. a description of the workstation(s) likely to be occupied by operators;
  11. In addition, a workstation must meet three of the following six optional characteristics:
  12. Each participant shall have at least one workstation with Internet access to access the ICM via U2A.
  13. The ENERGY STAR Version 5,0 effective date for Desktop, Integrated Desktop, Notebook, Workstation, Small-Scale Server and Thin Client is 1 July 2009.
  14. Workstation A high-performance, single-user computer typically used for graphics, CAD, software development, financial and scientific applications among other compute-intensive tasks.
  15. The Community independent transaction log and each registry shall ensure that all node, workstation and server software is correctly configured and routinely patched as security and functional updates are released.