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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • active support of an idea or cause etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something





    1. Advocacy
    2. Improve business advocacy/consultation.
    3. Président Association Academia de Advocacy
    4. Improve business advocacy and consultation.
    5. Improve SME advocacy and representation channels.
    6. Improve possibilities for business advocacy and representation.
    7. Strengthen the investment promotion agency. Improve business advocacy and consultation.
    8. The European Council also emphasised that support and advocacy for change must reach beyond governments.
    9. Improve SME advocacy and representation channels. Introduce systematic assessment of the impact of new regulation on enterprise.
    10. Further develop dialogue between government and private sector, including through the SME Agency, by establishing a formal forum for consultation and business advocacy.
    11. advocacy for concrete strategies and interventions to address particular problems and challenges affecting youth and children taking their best interests into account in all relevant action.
    12. Civil society organisations at local, regional, national or European level involve citizens or represent their interests through debate, publications, advocacy, and other concrete transnational projects.
    13. strengthening institutional and operational capacities of key stakeholders, civil society organisations, women's organisations and networks, in their endeavours to promote gender equality and economic and social empowerment, including north-south and south-south networking and advocacy;
    14. Enhance the capacity of the Competition Council in order that it is able to fully implement its tasks as regards the enforcement of the relevant rules and the advocacy of competition policy.
    15. If the statutory auditor's or audit firm's independence is affected by threats, such as self-review, self-interest, advocacy, familiarity or trust or intimidation, the statutory auditor or audit firm must apply safeguards in order to mitigate those threats.