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to air-freight
    • transport (cargo) by air





    1. Freight air transport
    2. Freight air transport and space transport
    3. subsidies for air freight or airmail;
    4. Packages must be sent by air mail or air freight.
    5. The air freight sector, in particular express freight, is showing considerable growth rates.
    6. The air freight sector, especially express freight, is showing considerable growth rates.
    7. Air freight carriers are expanding their operational capacities.
    8. The members of ACD act in managerial positions in the air freight sector.
    9. The tests and limits below apply to wagons fitted with conventional air brakes for freight trains.
    10. Air transport services of passengers and freight, except transport of mail
    11. There is a genuine demand of clients — passenger — and especially freight air carriers.
    12. Packages sent by air freight, must be clearly marked as follows:
    13. The following breakdown is required: Passenger Air Transport (code 211); Freight Air Transport (code 212), and Other Air Transport (code 213).
    14. The avoidance of delays in the air freight transport and especially for the operation of central hubs for the express freight traffic is more of an issue than for passenger air traffic.
    15. In addition to DHL, the airport has attracted a number of other air freight and logistics companies.