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animal husbandry

animal husbandry
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • breeding and caring for farm animals



    1. Animal husbandry
    2. animal husbandry and welfare.
    3. Animal husbandry services
    4. Animal behaviour, husbandry and enrichment.
    5. practices undertaken for the purposes of recognised animal husbandry;
    6. animal husbandry and care, in relation to the species that are intended to be used.
    7. Pharmacologically active substances contained in biocidal products used in animal husbandry
    8. Relevant guidelines for good animal husbandry practices or other guidelines (mandatory or voluntary) on biosecurity measures defining at least:
    9. Изпълнителна агенция по селекция и репродукция в животновъдството (Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Animal Husbandry)
    10. Animal husbandry performed on farms for remuneration (the provision of land for livestock) is agricultural contract work since it is part of the agricultural production process.
    11. Besides veterinary medicinal products, other products which are not subject to specific legislation on residues, such as biocidal products, are used in animal husbandry.
    12. It variously assists exceptional animal husbandry measures in the form of integrated projects of national importance, for which it also authorises the relevant appropriations.
    13. if the animal is to be reused, the actual severity of the previous procedures, the methods used to reduce or eliminate pain, suffering and distress, including refinement of housing, husbandry and care conditions,
    14. For the purposes of Article 10(2)(ii) of Directive 98/8/EC, for pharmacologically active substances intended to be used in a biocidal product used in animal husbandry, the maximum residue limit shall be established:
    15. Copper accumulates in soil and the level of copper in soil can be affected not only by applications of plant protection products but also from animal husbandry and from the application of manure.