Betekenis van:
arms industry

arms industry
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • productie van wapens
  • an industry that manufacturers weapons of war




  1. national and international technical experts on aspects of exports controls on conventional arms, including Union experts and industry representatives.
  2. increase awareness by national and regional actors, United Nations Member States, civil society and industry, of the current international discussions around an Arms Trade Treaty;
  3. Based on the above mentioned Council conclusions, the Union decided to support the ATT process, by opening the debate to include States not members of the GGE, as well as to other actors such as civil society and industry, to develop the understanding of the issue and to contribute to the work of the OEWG. For this purpose, on 19 January 2009 the Council adopted Council Decision 2009/42/CFSP [1] on support for EU activities in order to promote among third countries the process leading towards an Arms Trade Treaty, in the framework of the European Security Strategy.