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banking system

banking system
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    • banks collectively





    1. Money circulates through the banking system.
    2. This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.
    3. Similar approaches are ordinarily taken in the banking system.
    4. PI offers a wide range of financial services competing with those offered by the banking system:
    5. The results of stress tests demonstrated the high resistance to shocks of the banking system.
    6. In general, the Austrian banking system was considered in good shape.
    7. Targeted examinations shall be conducted in the banking system to ensure that all banks are solvent and sufficiently capitalised;
    8. Complete the creation of a credit information bureau to help safeguard the rapidly growing credit portfolio of the banking system.
    9. These included a limitation system for market and counterparty risks, an early‐warning system, reorganisation strategies and a task force for exposures affecting more than one banking subsidiary.
    10. In June 2006, the OeNB stated that, despite the problems encountered by BAWAG-PSK and Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank, the Austrian banking system had developed well over 2005.
    11. The […] study claims that PI’s interest margin was lower in 2005 and 2006 than the average interest margin in the Italian private banking system.
    12. Pressures accumulated on Latvian capital and financial markets and in its banking system, leading to the authorities’ acceptance of the urgent need for international financial assistance.
    13. In order to prevent distortions of competition and to strengthen the banking system in the internal market, it is appropriate to lay down common minimum capital requirements.
    14. It also indicates that it is common practice for the banking system to fund long-term assets in large part using deposits.
    15. Restructuring aid could be justified in individual cases given the serious negative consequences of a bank failure for the banking system and public confidence.