Betekenis van:
check in

to check in
  • aanmelden voor vliegreis
  • announce one's arrival, e.g. at hotels or airports





  1. Check in, please.
  2. I'll check in.
  3. Can I check in now?
  4. Can I check in here?
  5. I'd like to check in.
  6. What time should I check in?
  7. How late can I check in?
  8. Where can I check my luggage in?
  9. I'm just about to check in.
  10. What time do you start check-in?
  11. Where should I check in for Tokyo?
  12. Check the number in the phone book.
  13. I'd like to check in, please.
  14. Deposit this check in my checking account.
  15. Our progress was put in check.