Betekenis van:
civil year

civil year
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • periode van 1 januari tot en met 31 december
  • the year (reckoned from January 1 to December 31) according to Gregorian calendar





  1. It can therefore be established that the losses of IZAR’s civil activities had to be covered by the capital injection provided in year 2000.
  2. As a guiding principle, implementation of the European Year will build on the ownership, large-scale mobilisation and active involvement of civil society and other stakeholders.
  3. cooperation with the private sector, the media, educational institutions and other partners from the civil society to disseminate information on the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue;
  4. The wage and salary bills for civil servants, including gross index-related salaries, are those recorded for the year for which the TEC is calculated.
  5. Retirement pensions paid to civil servants, including those assigned to La Poste [12], are voted on each year in the Finance Law.
  6. Expenditure on the civil BA609 in the period 1998-2000 was EUR […] million per year on average ([…] % of the […] % mentioned above).
  7. In that year, they became employees of the Post Office public corporation, which ended their status as members of the civil service.
  8. The German Civil Code provides for an interest payment at the end of each year, but other arrangements can be agreed.
  9. In the absence of the reform, La Poste would have had to create provisions in its accounts after the financial year 2006 for the retirement liabilities of the civil servants working for it.
  10. However, this information will be used in the other procedure open against IZAR, in order to determine whether some of the capital injections provided to IZAR in year 2000 were used for civil purposes.
  11. According to information received from Spain, the reported losses for the civil activities for the year 2000, in Table 1 above, do not include the repayment of the above-mentioned loans.
  12. Surveys, studies at Community level and consultation with transnational networks and civil society stakeholders to assess, and report on, the preparation for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in order to lay the basis for its long-term follow-up.
  13. a reduction of the Easter, summer and Christmas bonuses and allowances paid to civil servants with the aim of saving EUR 1500 million for a full year (EUR 1100 million in 2010);
  14. This is also confirmed by the information provided by Spain, which states that each of IZAR’s civil activities made operating losses in each year since 2000, with some minor exceptions.
  15. This has been provided in the form of: Capital injection of 1322 million euro from SEPI to IZAR, in year 2000, out of which 556,1 million euro benefited the civil activities of IZAR.