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coal industry

coal industry
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the producers of coal considered collectively



    1. the coal industry;
    2. in the shipbuilding [8], coal [9] and steel industry [10].
    3. aid to enterprises in the shipbuilding, coal and steel industry?
    4. ‘coal year’ means calendar year or another 12-month period used as a reference for contracts in the coal industry;
    5. Quantities consumed as energy to support the extraction and preparation of coal within the coal mining industry.
    6. Any licensed operator (within the meaning of the Coal Industry Act 1994)
    7. residual costs resulting from administrative, legal or tax provisions which are specific to the coal industry;
    8. Banks & Co. Ltd v The Coal Authority and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
    9. Electricity generating stations linked to other industries, e.g. the coal industry, are excluded.
    10. Member States shall notify all the aid which they intend to grant to the coal industry under this Decision during a coal year.
    11. the definition of target enterprises shall exclude companies in difficulties and companies from the shipbuilding, coal and steel industry,
    12. Also certain Community industry producers had claimed that the MIP should be linked to the cost of coking coal.
    13. This is the case for the coal and steel industry, the synthetic fibres and shipbuilding sectors, fisheries and aquaculture.
    14. The Research Programme shall support the competitiveness of the Community sectors related to the coal and steel industry.
    15. Banks & Co. Ltd v The Coal Authority and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry [2001] ECR I-6117.