Betekenis van:
come to mind

to come to mind
    • be remembered




    come to mind


    1. Mention Mexico, and tacos come to mind.
    2. The first thing to come to mind was her face.
    3. He will come if he has a mind to.
    4. We made up our mind to come in any case.
    5. I'd like to come along if you don't mind.
    6. Have you made up your mind to come with me?
    7. Memories of my college days come to my mind.
    8. I made up my mind to come here after all.
    9. I've made up my mind to come up with a better solution.
    10. I don't mind your groping in the dark for a solution, but I wish you'd come to a decision.
    11. When an English speaker realises that a foreign person they are speaking to doesn't understand one of their sentences, they repeat it, the same way, but louder, as though the person were deaf. At no point does it come to their mind that their vocabulary might be complicated or that their expression might most probably be ambiguous to a foreigner and that they could reword it in a simpler way. The result is that not only the person still doesn't understand, but gets irritated at being considered deaf.