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cost increase

cost increase
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • prettig gevoel
  • an increase in cost




  1. Given a high level of bond issues, the cost to service them will increase.
  2. 22,0 Capital increase 1,7 1,7 Total cost
  3. However, this cost increase might even be diluted if the users are able to pass on part of this cost increase to their customers, which cannot be excluded.
  4. The cost increase for molasses was however not substantial, but corresponding to the increase of world market prices for sugar.
  5. Furthermore, the Community industry could not increase its respective sales prices enough to make up for the cost increase.
  6. The increase in average labour cost was limited to 9 % during the period considered.
  7. The data submitted shows that an overall increase in cost is likely.
  8. an additional increase in the cost of employment by 200 b.p. above the base scenario,
  9. Reforms in these areas could increase private investment and employment at little cost for public finances.
  10. The increase in cost of production in the IP is due to reduced capacity utilisation.
  11. In the worst case scenario, the cost increase would amount to 3 %.
  12. This development is merely in line with the cost of living increase.
  13. As a result the increase in the average cost of production was much less marked than the increase in scrap prices.
  14. The price increase in the IP can mainly be linked to the increase in the cost of raw materials in the IP.
  15. However, the Community industry could not increase its sales prices sufficiently to make up for the cost increase generated by the production of high end products.