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cultural movement

cultural movement
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a group of people working together to advance certain cultural goals




    1. the Council Resolution of 12 February 2001 [27] and in particular the Council invitation to the Commission ‘when applying competition rules and rules on the free taking movement of goods, to take account of the specific value of the book as a cultural object and the importance of books in promoting cultural diversity, and of the cross-border dimension of the book market’ [28].
    2. Secondly, the apprenticeship and training reserve, governed by Article 56 of Law No 27/1999, is intended for the training and education of the cooperative’s members and workers, dissemination of information about the cooperative movement and promotion of intercooperative relations and the cultural, professional and social welfare of the local community or society in general.
    3. promoting freedom of association and assembly, unhindered movement of persons, freedom of opinion and expression, including artistic and cultural expression, independent media, unimpeded access to information, and measures to combat administrative obstacles to the exercise of these freedoms, including the fight against censorship;