Betekenis van:

to derogate
    • cause to seem less serious; play down





    1. Member States may derogate from this Directive:
    2. Member States can derogate to any of these conditions.
    3. Agreements within the trade may derogate from this provision.
    4. A Member State may nevertheless derogate from this requirement if:
    5. Detailed reasons must be given for any request to derogate from these principles in exceptional cases.
    6. In the case of total or partial non-payment, Member States may derogate from paragraph 1.
    7. These exemptions derogate from the rule of the taxation of the companies concerned.
    8. The Commission should therefore be permitted to derogate from this obligation.
    9. The alternative system may, where necessary, derogate from the relevant provisions of this Subsection.
    10. Those measures may, if necessary, derogate from Article 29 of this Regulation.
    11. It should however be recalled that such ‘rights’ cannot derogate from Community or national law.
    12. Member States may, in urgent cases, derogate from the conditions laid down in point (b) of paragraph 4.
    13. The Member States may derogate from this Directive in the event of exceptional weather or geographical conditions.
    14. In specific situations which justify other criteria of applicability, it is necessary to derogate from that general rule.
    15. It is appropriate to derogate from that Regulation where necessary and to specify some specific rules of procedure.