Betekenis van:
eat at

to eat at
    • become ground down or deteriorate




    1. We'll eat at six o'clock.
    2. Wow! Look at him eat!
    3. Do you eat at home or eat out?
    4. I eat lunch every day at noon.
    5. I will eat supper at seven.
    6. What do you eat at the movies?
    7. Tom was forced to eat at gunpoint.
    8. Our pupils eat at the school restaurant.
    9. Do you eat lunch at your desk?
    10. Fancy to eat at my place?
    11. I eat my breakfast at seven o'clock.
    12. At Easter we eat chocolate rabbits.
    13. At what time do you eat breakfast?
    14. Here's a restaurant I often eat at.
    15. Did you already eat at home?