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economic system

economic system
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the system of production and distribution and consumption





    1. The Japanese economic system is about to change.
    2. His country was looking for a new socio-economic system because the present one was not working too well...
    3. ensure that the euro-area’s influence in the global economic system is commensurate with its economic weight.
    4. The European transport system is a vital element to European economic and social prosperity.
    5. the operation, maintenance and development of a secure, efficient and economic transmission system;
    6. For that purpose they shall require economic operators to use a mass balance system which:
    7. Further develop the capacity of the judicial system to deal with organised and economic crime.
    8. Source: Report on the economic effects on road hauliers of the German reimbursement system linked to the toll system for heavy goods vehicles, 21.4.2005, MVV Consultants and Engineers.
    9. Improve the education system with the aim of increasing skills which fostering employment opportunities and long-term economic growth.
    10. a system of identification and registration for economic operators interoperating with the authorised economic operators system and enabling those economic operators to register only once for all their interactions with customs authorities throughout the Community, taking into account existing Community or national systems;
    11. the economic and monetary policies of the Union, the functioning of Economic and Monetary Union and the European monetary and financial system (including relations with the relevant institutions or organisations);
    12. Economic activities within the agriculture/forestry-and-fisheries-sectors that will still be subject to the current system of differentiated rates of social security contribution.
    13. Network congestion problems shall be addressed with non-discriminatory market-based solutions which give efficient economic signals to the market participants and transmission system operators involved.
    14. The situation in the agricultural product markets concerned has changed; as a consequence there is no continued economic justification to continue the system of prefinancing export refunds.
    15. Non-utilised agricultural land (agricultural land which is no longer farmed, for economic, social or other reasons, and which is not used in the crop rotation system)