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electronic communication

electronic communication
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • communication by computer




    1. electronic means of communication;
    2. policies and regulation for electronic communication networks and services
    3. policies and regulation for electronic communication networks and services.
    4. Technical developments have led to increasing use of electronic means for the transmission of documents and electronic communication has become increasingly reliable as a means of communication.
    5. The communication of information by electronic means may prove impossible in certain situations.
    6. Electronic means shall be used whenever possible for any communication provided for in this Article.
    7. The Commission shall establish and maintain an electronic communication platform to publish;
    8. used solely for communication between LCD panel and video processing electronic circuits
    9. Such cooperation should make the utmost use of electronic means of communication and relevant Community programmes.
    10. Spectrum use by terrestrial mobile electronic communication networks is outside the scope of this Decision.
    11. Modern transport, energy and electronic communication infrastructure is an important factor of a reinvigorated Lisbon strategy.
    12. Electronic communication is a suitable means of rapid and reliable data exchange between Member States’ institutions.
    13. A market of electronic communication open and competitive is also important in this regard.
    14. Rapid two-way communication, including electronic communication, should be established between the Commission and the Member States regarding the quantities applied for and imported.
    15. Documents may be transmitted to the Commission by any communication technique, including electronic means: fax; e-mail; electronic form; website etc.