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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a portable gun
    "he wore his firearm in a shoulder holster"





    1. Gun makers have been able to escape responsibility for firearm violence.
    2. Firearm
    3. it has the appearance of a firearm, and
    4. any firearm as defined in Article 1 of the Directive,’;
    5. For the purpose of identifying and tracing each assembled firearm, Member States shall, at the time of manufacture of each firearm, either:
    6. The marking shall be affixed to an essential component of the firearm, the destruction of which would render the firearm unusable.
    7. firearm-sticks, swordsticks, loaded walking sticks or the like (Chapter 93); or
    8. It must always be in the possession of the person using the firearm and any change in the possession or characteristics of the firearm, as well as the loss or theft thereof, shall be indicated on the pass.’;
    9. Member States shall, in the context of this verification, provide for the issuance of a certificate or record attesting to the deactivation of the firearm or the apposition of a clearly visible mark to that effect on the firearm.
    10. telescopic sights or other optical devices suitable for use with arms, unless mounted on a firearm or presented with the firearm on which they are designed to be mounted (Chapter 90);
    11. It is therefore essential to ensure that such convertible weapons are brought within the definition of a firearm for the purposes of Directive 91/477/EEC.
    12. Member States may withdraw authorisation for possession of a firearm if any of the conditions on the basis of which it was granted are no longer satisfied.
    13. A “European firearms pass” shall be issued on request by the authorities of a Member State to a person lawfully entering into possession of and using a firearm.
    14. It shall be non-transferable and shall record the firearm or firearms possessed and used by the holder of the pass.
    15. have been rendered permanently unfit for use by deactivation, ensuring that all essential parts of the firearm have been rendered permanently inoperable and incapable of removal, replacement or a modification that would permit the firearm to be reactivated in any way’;