Betekenis van:
ground noise

ground noise
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • bijkomend geluid; ongewenst meeklinkend geluid
  • extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal





  1. ‘network control unit (NCU)’ means equipment to be located in the aircraft that ensures that signals transmitted by ground-based mobile electronic communication systems listed in Table 2 in the Annex are not detectable within the cabin by raising the noise floor inside the cabin in mobile communication receive bands.
  2. "Magnetic gradiometers" using multiple "magnetometers" specified in 6A006.a.; 2. Fibre optic "intrinsic magnetic gradiometers" having a magnetic gradient field "noise level" (sensitivity) lower (better) than 0,3 nT/m rms per square root Hz; 3. "Intrinsic magnetic gradiometers", using "technology" other than fibre-optic "technology", having a magnetic gradient field "noise level" (sensitivity) lower (better) than 0,015 nT/m rms per square root Hz; d. Compensation systems for magnetic or underwater electric field sensors resulting in a performance equal to or better than the control parameters of 6A006.a., 6A006.b. or 6A006.c. 6A007 Gravity meters (gravimeters) and gravity gradiometers, as follows: N.B.: SEE ALSO 6A107. a. Gravity meters designed or modified for ground use having a static accuracy of less (better) than 10 μgal; Note: 6A007.a. does not control ground gravity meters of the quartz element (Worden) type.
  3. The cover or grate is required to remain secure within the frame in order to avoid noise pollution, human injury and vehicle damage.’. The investigation showed that the channel gratings are generally comprised of a drain channel which is embedded in the ground, and a grate, which sits flush with any surface used by pedestrians and/or vehicles and which directly withstand the weight and impact of pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic.