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heat sink

heat sink
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a metal conductor specially designed to conduct (and radiate) heat



    1. source/heat sink
    2. Aluminium die cast heat sink, for maintaining the operating temperature of transistors and integrated circuits, for use in the manufacture of products falling within heading 8527 [1]
    3. a basic understanding of the physical and operation principles of a heat pump, including characteristics of the heat pump circle: context between low temperatures of the heat sink, high temperatures of the heat source, and the efficiency of the system, determination of the coefficient of performance (COP) and seasonal performance factor (SPF);
    4. Lead in solder to attach heat spreaders to the heat sink in power semiconductor assemblies with a chip size of at least 1 cm2 of projection area and a nominal current density of at least 1 A/mm2 of silicon chip area