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high up

high up
    • at a great altitude



    1. The ball bounced up high.
    2. He held the trophy up high.
    3. We're already high up in the sky.
    4. I teach French at the high school up the street.
    5. An eagle was soaring high up in the air.
    6. The village is located high up in the mountains.
    7. She made up her mind to graduate from high school.
    8. High-rises are going up all over the place.
    9. A bird was flying high up in the sky.
    10. I am still clumsy catching batons thrown high up.
    11. As he's just up on his high horse again.
    12. When I got up, the sun was already high in the sky.
    13. I used to stay up late when I was a high school student.
    14. Six high-tech companies set up branch offices in that prefecture.
    15. Because of inflation, salaries can't keep up with the high cost of living.