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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • imaginary or visionary theorization



    1. This is the ideology to which my speech is written.
    2. It goes without saying that the ideology is behind the times.
    3. We came to the conclusion that the ideology was behind the times.
    4. In this country there are only few examples that ideology and religion are helpful in character building for people.
    5. What has always united us, what has always encouraged our people, what draws immigrants to America's shores-- is an ideology that talks about aspirations shared by all people: that we should be able to live without fear, that we can to talk to or meet anyone, that we vote and choose a religion as we please.
    6. ideology, nationality, language skills of the perpetrators,
    7. Deputy Head in charge of media and ideology, PA
    8. Deputy Head in charge of Media and Ideology, PA
    9. RUBINOV Anatoly Nikolaevich (15.4.1939.) Deputy Head in charge of media and ideology, PA