Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • lack of prosperity or happiness or health




    1. You must allow for his being ill.
    2. My mother being ill, I looked after her.
    3. My mother being ill, I stayed home from school.
    4. Being ill, I stayed at home all day long.
    5. Not being careful of his health, he fell ill.
    6. Nobody likes being spoken ill of behind his back.
    7. My mother being ill, I couldn't go to the concert.
    8. After being ill for a long time, Jane turned into a couch potato.
    9. I was unable to leave home last Saturday, with my mother being ill.
    10. I never heard you speak ill of a human being in your life.
    11. The best thing in the world for a man is to choose a good wife, the worst being to mistakenly choose an ill-suited one.