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measuring device


  2. Suction device/volume measuring device
  3. Suction device/Volume measuring device
  4. Vacuum measuring device
  5. Temperature measuring device
  6. Rr Receiver, observer or measuring device
  7. Speed and distance measuring device (through the water) [3]
  8. calibration information for measuring device, and bandpass used for measuring cell viability (e.g. spectrophotometer),
  9. γ Angular diameter of the measuring device Rr as seen from point C
  10. A temperature sensor shall be installed immediately before the volume measuring device.
  11. CPA 26.51.43: Instruments for measuring electrical quantities without a recording device
  12. Flow measurement device Flow instrumentation to detect the correct flow into the measuring chamber.
  13. Pumps fitted or designed to be fitted with a measuring device:
  14. Pumps for liquids, whether or not fitted with a measuring device; liquid elevators:
  15. Speed and distance measuring device (over the ground in the forward and the athwartship direction) [3]