Betekenis van:

to migrate
    • move periodically or seasonally
    "birds migrate in the Winter"
    "The workers migrate to where the crops need harvesting"


    to migrate
      • move from one country or region to another and settle there
      "Many Germans migrated to South America in the mid-19th century"
      "This tribe transmigrated many times over the centuries"





      1. Swallows migrate to a warm climate.
      2. The swans migrate from here to Florida.
      3. These birds migrate to North Africa in winter.
      4. In the first place, why do the birds migrate at all?
      5. Based on industry analysis [85] approximately 20-25 % of the population on average is willing to migrate to a new fibre network.
      6. The NCBs of Member States that have adopted the euro will migrate to TARGET2 in accordance with the schedule specified in Article 13 of Guideline ECB/2007/2.
      7. Migration to TARGET2 has been arranged in three country groups, allowing TARGET users to migrate to TARGET2 in different waves and on different pre-defined dates.
      8. Notes the Commission’s statement that all necessary support was granted to those agencies wishing to migrate to ABAC (accrual based accounting); notes that the agencies in some cases considered the support as insufficient;
      9. According to ish, the reception of TV over DVB-T for ‘free’ was an important argument in the marketing campaign of the authorities to promote the introduction of DVB-T which made customers migrate from cable to DVB-T.
      10. The Member States participating in SIS 1+ shall migrate from N.SIS to N.SIS II using the interim migration architecture, with the support of France and of the Commission, by 30 September 2009 at the latest.
      11. The national central banks (NCBs) of Member States that have adopted the euro (hereinafter the participating Member States) will migrate to TARGET2 in accordance with the schedule specified in Article 13 of Guideline ECB/2007/2.
      12. Another user argued that it had plans to migrate to high definition products and that should measures be allowed to lapse, this would increase the number of suppliers in the Community and lead to changes in pricing and product innovation.
      13. Venture capital providers migrate towards larger deal sizes as the associated returns are higher, thereby widening the equity gap between smaller-scale early stage and expansion investments and larger-scale investments in well-established companies.
      14. This plan should provide both a vision of what is to be achieved when implementing the TSI and the way and timing to migrate from the present framework of fragmented information systems towards a comprehensive European-wide information highway that can provide value-added to all rail transport stakeholders — infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, freight forwarders and ultimately the client alike.
      15. In the segment of high transactional intensity systems, for example, Bull's offerings seem to be the only alternative to IBM for all customers who cannot easily migrate to the solutions proposed by Sun, HP or Wintel (banks, insurance companies, social services, social security organisations, etc.).