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natural resource

natural resource
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • resources (actual and potential) supplied by nature





    1. Water is an important natural resource.
    2. Gas is an important natural resource.
    3. Water is a natural resource of vital importance.
    4. Natural resource
    5. Natural resource waste
    6. Water is a scarce natural resource, the quality of which should be protected, defended, managed and treated as such.
    7. Groundwater is a valuable natural resource and as such should be protected from deterioration and chemical pollution.
    8. In accordance with paragraph 24 of the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation on Sustainable Development adopted within the framework of the United Nations at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, it is necessary to protect the natural resource base of economic and social development and reverse the current trend in natural resource degradation by managing the natural resource base in a sustainable and integrated manner.
    9. support food security in specific fields such as agriculture, including formulation of regional agricultural policies and access to land, agricultural trade and natural resource management;
    10. All vessels engaged in fishing within the Exclusive Economic Zone must be solely owned by Bahamian natural or juridical persons as indicated in the Fisheries Resource (Jurisdiction and Conservation) Act.
    11. six months, in the event of a natural disaster, closures of fisheries decided by Member States for reasons of public health or other exceptional occurrence which is not the result of resource conservation measures.
    12. effective implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in the mining and hydrocarbon sectors and the application of the same good governance principles in the other natural resource sectors, in particular, as regards fisheries.
    13. The definitions of recovery and disposal need to be modified in order to ensure a clear distinction between the two concepts, based on a genuine difference in environmental impact through the substitution of natural resources in the economy and recognising the potential benefits to the environment and human health of using waste as a resource.
    14. Member States and the Union should put measures in place to promote the decoupling of economic growth from resource use, turning environmental challenges into growth opportunities and making more efficient use of their natural resources, which also assists in preventing environmental degradation and ensuring biodiversity.