Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • waar te nemen
  • capable of being seen or noticed
"an observable change in behavior"



  1. There are observable market prices for many commodities.
  2. Commodity prices. There are observable market prices for many commodities.
  3. Prices (and indexes of prices) of traded equity instruments are readily observable in some markets.
  4. If an observable ignition occurs, the elapsed time and amount discharged is noted.
  5. If the fair value is not directly observable, it must be estimated.
  6. ‘electromagnetic environment’ means all electromagnetic phenomena observable in a given location.
  7. The driver must be able to observe signals, and signals must be observable by the driver.
  8. Forecasts about future cash flows or dividends could not be based on observable existing series.
  9. Periodically, an entity calibrates the valuation technique and tests it for validity using prices from any observable current market transactions in the same instrument (ie without modification or repackaging) or based on any available observable market data.
  10. Phenotype: is the observable characteristics of an organism determined by the interaction of its genes with its environment.
  11. Basic interest rates can usually be derived from observable government bond prices and are often quoted in financial publications.
  12. If fair value less costs to sell is not determined using an observable market price for the unit (group of units), the following information shall also be disclosed:
  13. Nor does the Commission believe that the fact that the only observable benefits are currently linked to commercial activities implies that no objective of common interest is involved.
  14. Present value based techniques may be used to estimate the current market price of equity instruments for which there are no observable prices.
  15. Similarly an entity uses its experienced judgement to adjust observable data for a group of financial assets to reflect current circumstances (see paragraph AG89).