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phase out

to phase out
    • terminate gradually



    1. Type of mains: single phase/three phase [1] Strike out what does not apply.
    2. the additional time in the taxi out phase;
    3. During the strategic phase, BONUS EEIG shall carry out the following tasks:
    4. a pull-out pulse rate of 1960 pps or more, a two-phase winding, and
    5. Before the reversed phase HPLC-analysis is carried out, the gradient conditions should be optimised.
    6. The second phase of the 2004 technical action plan for improving agricultural statistics (TAPAS 2004 — Phase 2), as set out in the Annex to this Decision, is approved.
    7. Member States should phase out environmentally harmful subsidies and ensure fair distribution of their costs and benefits.
    8. Further, a timetable for cessation or phase-out, and reduction, can only be related to an inventory.
    9. An extension of the phase-out period for this substance seems appropriate to allow for a switch to other disinfectants.
    10. Conformity assessment shall be carried out by design review and during production phase of the contact wire.
    11. where appropriate, the proposed plan for rolling out the solution at the operational phase and the service level indicators; and
    12. For design of phase separation sections, conformity assessment shall be carried out within assessment of the Energy subsystem.
    13. This second phase included, in particular, a due diligence phase to be carried out in an Internet data room from 7 January to 30 January 2006, supplemented by a number of presentations and meetings.
    14. BONUS should include a strategic phase, followed by the implementation phase, to provide an opportunity to carry out a wide stakeholder consultation on a strategically-driven research agenda also capable of tackling emerging research needs.
    15. In Phase II the development and testing of the most promising solutions identified in Phase I will be contracted out to scientific research institutions with the aim to test and consolidate these promising studies into workable software.