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physical composition

physical composition
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the way in which someone or something is composed





    1. Composition and purity testing and analysis services 71.20.12 Testing and analysis services of physical properties
    2. The water is in no direct physical contact with the installations and is therefore not altered in its chemical composition.
    3. However, as explained above, the product concerned shares the same basic physical characteristics and basic chemical composition of potash of other grades.
    4. Time and date information shall be accurate enough in order that a subsequent processing system is able to identify the actual physical train composition.
    5. the physical, and as far as practicable, chemical composition of the waste and all other information necessary to evaluate its suitability for the intended incineration process;
    6. The predominant seabed and water column habitat type(s) with a description of the characteristic physical and chemical features, such as depth, water temperature regime, currents and other water movements, salinity, structure and substrata composition of the seabed,
    7. The train composition message must contain all data required for safe and efficient traffic. These are the data concerning the physical characteristics of a train in so far as these interact with the infrastructure network over which it is to run.
    8. The form and composition of projectiles and the kinetic energy they may generate when fired from a toy designed for that purpose must be such that, taking into account the nature of the toy, there is no risk of physical injury to the user or to third parties.
    9. This information shall include the chemical composition of mixtures placed on the market and classified as hazardous on the basis of their health or physical effects, including the chemical identity of substances in mixtures for which a request for use of an alternative chemical name has been accepted by the Agency, in accordance with Article 24.
    10. Where the refund rate or other amounts depend on the level of a particular component, as part of the physical check the customs office of export shall take representative samples with a view to having the composition analysed by an accredited or officially approved laboratory.