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public transport

public transport
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • conveyance for passengers or mail or freight




    1. The snow brought public transport to a halt.
    2. Public transport is only quicker than private transport in urban areas.
    3. Many Argentinians prefer to use a car and not the public transport.
    4. For example, China's public transport is without a doubt better than the UK's, but the UK's public welfare may be better than China's.
    5. Previously, Mr Johnson also proposed banning the consumption of alcohol on public transport in the capital, which is believed to have reduced the crime rate on trains and buses.
    6. Accessibility of public transport
    7. Public road transport services
    8. public transport and infrastructures;
    9. Public transport services by railways
    10. Supplementary tests for public transport vehicles
    11. Public transport: bus, metro, tram and similar.
    12. For internal uses including enclosed public transport premises
    13. promoting clean and sustainable public transport, particularly in urban areas;
    14. 5 travel expenses, such as taxi fares, public transport fares;
    15. Includes: public and private transport and related services.