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to re-introduce
    • introduce anew





    1. It is necessary to re-introduce this provision in the new implementing rules.
    2. Portugal had not purchased the equipment within the deadline set in Regulation (EC) No 998/2002 and decided to re-introduce a programme in 2007.
    3. The law should, in particular, introduce: a unified statutory retirement age of 65 years (including for women); a merger of the existing pension funds in three funds and a unified new pension system for all current and future employees (applicable as of 1 January 2013); a reduction of the upper limit on pensions; a gradual increase in the minimum contributory period for retirement on a full benefit from 37 to 40 years (by 2015); a minimum retirement age of 60 years by 1 January 2011 (including for workers in heavy and arduous professions and those with 40 years of contributions); the abolition of the special rules applicable to persons insured before 1993 (while retaining acquired rights); a substantial narrowing of the list of heavy and arduous professions; a reduction of pension benefits (by 6 % per year) for people entering retirement between the ages of 60 and 65 with a contributory period of less than 40 years; the creation of an automatic adjustment mechanism linking the retirement age with the increase in life expectancy (as of 2020); the creation of a means-tested minimum guaranteed income for elderly people above the statutory retirement age; stricter conditions and the regular re-examination of eligibility for disability pensions; an amendment of the pension award formula in the contributory based scheme to strengthen the link between contributions paid and benefits received (with accrual rate limited to an average annual rate of 1,2 %); and an extension of the calculation of the pensionable earnings to entire lifetime earnings (while retaining acquired rights).